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Welcome to the Midnight Pages

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.  Don’t go back to sleep.  --Rumi

Do early birds really get all the worms?

If you’re a night person all the morning rituals in the world won’t help. Writing morning pages at 5am before everyone else is up? After falling asleep at 4? Not gonna happen.

Try Midnight Pages instead. It’s a practice to suit an insomniac’s nature. It’s writing prompts and exercises for magic-lovers and mystics, for writers who like a little woo with their practice. 

It’s for anyone charting a course by moonlight to where they really want to be in their lives.

Midnight Pages teaches you to transform your night using intuition, automatic writing, creative and imaginative story telling and the very act of pouring your heart out into a really fabulous journal!


"This is a jewel of a workbook for all who want to improve their writing skills and get over feeling bad that they don’t sleep through the night. Such deep insights, profound wisdom, and wealth of knowledge has been accumulated here - a true treasure chest!”


-Marina Shakour Haber,

Author, Speaker, Coach

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