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Welcome to Midnight Pages

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.  Don’t go back to sleep.  --Rumi

You're awake for a reason.

Is being up at night your obstacle or your opportunity? True night owls are neuro-divergent. They were the baby who was up all night, exhausting their care-givers, waking the household.


Night owls say things like "I do my best work at night." That might not come until years of trying to conform to the eight-hour sleep they've been recommended. Finally, they surrender to their nature. They say goodnight to the rest of the world, and they do their creative work.

Insomniacs on the other hand, struggle. Sleep eludes them and being up at 2 am frustrates them. A desperate need and want to sleep makes them sick, unable to focus during the day. Pills and practices don't help. But, there is another option: consider it a season of your life, not forever. Listen to the night and see what it has to tell you. See if there's something you're supposed to know, or do. 


Midnight pages is a practice to help you listen to the night. It'll help you in your creative work and let you find out why you're up when you don't want to be. 


Midnight Pages is a book for magic-lovers and mystics, for writers who like a little woo and for anyone ready to explore the archetypes and symbols of darkness. It's for breaking the rules of what we're supposed to do - so we can do what we came here to do.

This book and practice is for anyone charting a course by moonlight to where they really want to be. 


Intuition, the s/hero's journey, automatic writing, creativity, story-telling, soul writing. 


"This is a jewel of a workbook for all who want to improve their writing skills and get over feeling bad that they don’t sleep through the night. Such deep insights, profound wisdom, and wealth of knowledge has been accumulated here - a true treasure chest!”


-Marina Shakour Haber,

Author, Speaker, Coach

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