Night Magic or Night Terrors?

Updated: Mar 1

This is my first post in a blog about the night. I struggle with insomnia, so I write. In fact I wrote a whole book about it.

But right now, when I want to show you how to enjoy and create in the magical night, in Ukraine everyone is an insomniac. The innocent night is ripped apart. How do we go about our own spiritual growth, creativity, personal healing, writing - anything personal really - when there is such war and suffering?

It could be that your inner creative work, your soul work, is even more important now.The more peaceful we become, the more peaceful energy we add to the world.

I know your hearts go out to the Ukrainian people and maybe you're feeling some of the trauma, even from a distance. We are all connected. It's natural and normal if you are feeling that way. Unsafe, unsure. Heart-broken and maybe feeling guilty or grateful about the life you and your family enjoy.

Whatever you're feeling, it's not selfish or out of place. And maybe now more than ever, those of us who are free and in peace can contribute more love, donations, prayers or creativity to the world that needs it so much.

Awake for a reason

This I know: the night has something to tell you. Maybe it wants to teach you about compassion or your inner journey or how you can serve. Maybe it's time to explore your own suffering or even better, your own path to healing. It's never just for us, you know. The better, more whole you are, the more joy there is for you as well as the people and the world around you.

Let the night be a miracle

It could be that this is the very night that something shakes loose for you. You are literally awake but what if this is the night you WAKE UP and remember who you truly are? What if you finally see the path toward your dream? What if this is the night you transform the life you're living -- the life that isn't really right for you? Maybe you'll wake up to the secrets of your soul, the miracle of who you are. This could be the night that changes everything.

Why would you want to sleep through it?


I wrote this book for writers because when I was going crazy from sleeplessness I finally got up and started listening. Then I wrote. Not a project or copy or a book. Just free writing and automatic (channeled or direct) writing. Anything I felt like putting on paper and things I let come through me.

Most of it was nothing, I threw it away. But it was opening up a channel. It was priming me for change and potential and for the future.

You don't have to be a writer to use the magical technology of writing to find out who you are, what you're about, what you're supposed to do with this precious life of yours. This blog is about listening to the night. If you're not into it, then just let me know and you can come off the list lickety-split.

But if you are interested, here's a prompt so you can start writing (it really does transform), and start using the night to illuminate you.

Writing prompt: be guided by stars

If there is moonlight in your room, go sit in it. If you can go outside under a starry sky, do that. If it's a dark night, no moon or starlight, sit without the lights on and pick up your notebook.

Put your pen on the paper and close your eyes. Breathe three deep breaths and then let the pen begin to move. Start by writing what's in your heart. I'm scared because...I'm hopeful that... I wonder why...

Let your heart pour out and when you feel more empty, just allow words to come through you from spirit, intuition, your inner wisdom, guardians, guides or god/goddess.

Allow five minutes, ten minutes before anything starts. Just sit, pen in hand, expecting nothing. If you wish, you can start writing, "What do I need to know?" over and over. You could also write, "What would be good to know?" Or, "what message do you have for me?"

See what happens and give yourself time. Writing is a practice and good stuff doesn't always come at once. But let me know what insights come and what healing thoughts for the rest of us.

Blessed be,


If you want more prompts and more ways to play with your insomnia, my book is: Midnight Pages: Mystical Inspiration and Writing Prompts for Writers, Insomniacs, and Night Owls. You can get it here.

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